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Monday, March 26, 2018

NEW ARRIVALS!!! Perpetua Graphite Pencils available in

Admittedly we brought in the Perpetua brand and Perpetual Graphite Pencil because we were drawn by the design and the ecological innovation. Here's what we mean:

Perpetua's innovative process uses tons of graphite powder, a waste product of industrial production otherwise destined to be used in landfills, to produce an eco-friendly product

While writing with the Perpetua, you are disposing of 15 grams of graphite

There is no wood used in the Perpetua, eliminating the need to cut down trees

Perpetua is not only a new style of writing but also a way to respect the planet

Food-grade eraser

The pairing of rubber and graphite occurs during molding, forming a single body

It is non-toxic and safe for children

Tip can be sharpened, and the graphite is erasable

Black cardboard packaging with colored O-rings, colored with natural ingredients

7 3/4L x 3/8 diameter

And because it is handmade and designed in Italy ... it looks awesome and the flat side stops it from rolling off like all annoying pencils do!

Are you sold? We definitely were!
Click HERE to buy the Perpetua Graphite Pencils from today.

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