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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

BUNDLE DEALS!!! Save on American Crafts MiniMarks (rubons) from


This week's product spotlight is...drumroll...Minimarks!! 
Kinda gave that away in the post title. But it's still super exciting!

A few years ago American Crafts came out with our first line of rub-on transfers called Trademarks (they thought the name was pretty clever). They also came up with a super cool system for the rub-ons because they wanted it to be more user friendly as well as an efficient way to store them which is why they are available in easy to use books. 

While AC loved (and still love) the Trademarks, they decided that it would be cool to do a set that was half the size of their Trademarks books and call them, appropriately, Minimarks. They also decided that it would be a good idea to include more than just letters and thus the Accents and Sidekicks books were born.

Using the Minimarks is always a lot of fun. Finding or creating new fonts, making cool pictures and phrases and designing new Accents is something AC has always taken part in. They  have some incredible artists on their team and they've created the coolest stuff. And don't think they're stopping there...they're coming out with new editions of the Minimarks that will knock your socks off. 

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To show you how awesome and value for money these Minimarks are ... get them at individually for 50% OFF or 70% OFF if you buy them in bundles of 5.
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Search "minimarks" at our online store search function for more Minimarks rubons.

We have always always loved rub ons because they adhere to glass, canvas, walls, wood, pretty much any surface so you can use them with mix media art, journals and so forth! And because these are your everyday common images, they also work well with cards and scrapbook or project life layouts!!!

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