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Monday, July 4, 2016

SnC ANNOUNCEMENTS: Happy 9th Birthday Rebecca !!!

Yes, today is the actual day when I went through a C-Section at 12:00 noon on 4th of July nine years ago … with my husband by my side and sister in the waiting room busily keeping my mom up to date.

Our faces and anxiety was 10x worse than first time expecting parents which left the stem cell guy on standby and nurses perplex. Naturally, after the unfortunate circumstances surrounding Bryant's birth, we will never be relaxed.

Fast forward 9 years:
I've got a caring and loving beautiful daughter who has always put Khor Khor Bryant ahead of herself, and now, an over protective Jie Jie to Benjamin.

She's creative by nature, loves to draw and can't wait to own (minus the hard work I put in daily). She's funny, witty, smart, active and … every so occasionally an annoying pre-teen!


Photo of party decor, signs, photo booth props, party takeaways (bag), games, prepared by nana (grandma), Becky and me.

This year's birthday has been extra special as 3 generations have collaborated and made her entire birthday props, games and food from scratch - homemade + handmade with loads of love.

[of course having countless of WRMK DIY Party and Martha Stewart tools helped!]

Enjoy the photos … minus the kids that ran the household for 5 hours last week!!!

Photo of Enchanted Forest themed children food and dessert table created (baked, cooked, prepared) by nana and ee ee Penny. 

Food shown above are: Pixie Garden (cupcakes), Beaver's Stockpile (frankfurters), Frog's Pawn in Pond (lemonade with Chai seeds), Chicken's Egg (soy and peaches jelly), Snail's Shells (tuna wrap)
of course! ee ee Penny's birthday cake creation (below) is the yearly highlight for all.

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