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Monday, July 13, 2015

NEW ARRIVALS!!! Speedball Calligraphy Products in

With all the rage that is happening around calligraphy at the moment, has Speedball Calligraphy pens and inks to suit your needs.

what do we have?
We've stocked up on Speedball calligraphy kits that are designed for pen and ink artists, letters, calligraphers, beginners and students, pen holders, dip pen nibs and inks.

For dip pens, we've got two different kinds of nibs: broad-edge and pointed, both of which can be inserted into the Speedball Pen Holders.

 If you're into Italic, Roman, Blackletter, etc., select a broad-edged tool like the C-Series Speedball nibs.

And if you're lettering pointed pen hands, such as Copperplate, use a flexible pointed nib such as the Speedball 99 or 103. 

Lastly, for monoline lettering, select a Speedball B-series nib.

So regardless of your preference, we're likely to have the nib that will suit you HERE.
Lastly, nothing beats practice ... and DT Namizam Muda will tell you so, as he practices daily before bed with his sample work featured on Instagram recently (below).

As for sets and inks, has the staples you will need included the all important pen cleaner.

Visit our Calligraphy and Printmaking section on our online page today.

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