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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

NEW ARRIVALS!!! Prima Color Bloom in

You've heard about that SPECIAL color spray that gives you more control over how the color is sprayed on your projects Prima Marketing came up with. 

Well, guess what? It's now available in!

Your heard us right. Color Bloom is merely clicks away ... just click on this link to start shopping.

Color Bloom Features:
Bottles loaded with amazing colors and finishes
Sparkling Pastels
Vintage Metals
Sultry Shimmers
Refill your bottles 1-2 times
You control the effect: full-coverage or splatters
Anti-Clogging Nozzle

Learn how easy it is to use our brand new Color Bloom Spray Mists! We also compare coverage and show you how easy it is to refill your Color Bloom bottle!

Check out some samples by Prima DT here:
Color bloom sample

 Color Blooms are available in every color you'll ever need to fit any palette you are working on. This gorgeous sample uses Lime Wedge, Sorbet, Sunshine, Soft Teal, Glistening Waves, and Emerald for a delightful color explosion!

Color bloom layot2
See the versatility with our Color Bloom sprays? This handsome sample shows off the metallic finishes of Gold Foil, Antique Gold, and Worn Leather...perfect for adding a masculine touch to your richly-colored projects. See all of the different effects created with just ONE nozzle that allows you to have complete control over the end result?
Bloom sprays frank lo
Frank Garcia created this stunning layout with the following sprays: Gold Foil # 573805, Worn Leather # 573829, Antique Gold # 573843 and Storm Cloud #573568

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