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Friday, November 28, 2014

COMING SOON!!! Princeton Artist Brush Co. Catalyst in


says who you need a brush to paint?

Let me tell you Vals' little secret ... she has been quietly hoarding Catalyst Blades (above), which as you would have guessed right are still in pristine condition!

I've never used a Catalyst Blade... but for ceramics and cake making (I do try!), I've been acquainted to the Catalyst Wedges (below)

In any case, it was not until I played with paint with Chris Cozen, had I seen so many different Catalyst Blades sitting on a window sill - and of course not knowing it is called Catalyst!

Innocently I said: 'Oh cool Chris has those. I used larger ones that's handheld for ceramics' ... and Val's response was: 'oh. Catalyst. I have the whole range at home.'
Me: '?!?!?!!!!!??'

And that's how I knew Val hoards them. It's called Catalyst!

Well, the Catalyst will be making it's debut soon in but if you're still wondering how to use them, check out this video where it marries two of our love:
Princeton Artist Brush Co. Catalyst and Golden Artist Color Fluid Acrylics

Below is some sneak peak of the Princeton Artist Brush Co. Catalyst arriving soon in for all Malaysian artist, crafter, bakers to enjoy ...

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