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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SnC gals are nuts over Where Women Create {Cook}

For the longest of time I had often wondered 
'why would anyone want to dish some money out for a magazine that compiles the craft rooms and homes of women?'

More so women we envy …
{read: hate to bits coz we secretly hate the fact that we are not them, and we do not have craft rooms and homes like them}

So when Val started ordering Where Women Create from Stampington & Co,
I had thought that she was insane and being Val, she is just using as an excuse to buy them for herself without being queried too much by mom and hubby!

Uh huh, even though we are a long way from our childhood and teenage years, we are still afraid of mom … and for Val, she has hubby too!
{phew, lucky me … it's just me … and well, occasionally mom}

Confession time:

Every time a suspicious looking box with the US Postal signs on it arrives at my home, I wait, albeit impatiently, for Val to swing by at night to open it. Oh well, partly out of respect {she's older, it's her order, it's her mail} but more so out of being ingrained to be compliant and remembering my law school days that tempering with anyone's mail is a crime!

So, long story short, I'll take a copy of every Where Women Create that arrives to and worse still, between us girls {Val, mom and I} we have another addiction:
Where Women Cook

oh yes, I just wanna be a chef … maybe not … but I just wanna be part of the food industry …
heck! I just love the photos, the food, the ambiance …

But more of that later. Here's sharing why we're so insane about Where Women Create

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