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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shopping Tip 101: Correct Recipient Name when Making Payment to SnC

Dear Ladies,
Occasionally we get into a situation where's bank account does not reflect payment made by the buyers through interbank transfers or direct bank transfers.

The most common "problem" is the error made in filling up the Recipient's Name.

Often this is what happens ...

To: Recipient
Recipient name:Valerie Gan
Recipient ID Type:Not applicable
Recipient ID:Not applicable
Recipient bank:RHB BANK
Account number:21403500116168
Payment type:Funds Transfer

big Whoops! here....
The recipient name should read SCRAP-N-CROP SDN BHD is a full fledge registered company with its own Bank Account, sets of audited account and tax file.

Valerie and other volunteers are well, so called unpaid employees of and individuals with their own personal Bank Accounts and tax files! :)

So, ladies please remember that when you are doing an interbank or direct bank transfer, please key in: SCRAP-N-CROP SDN BHD as the recipient name.

Lastly, any interbank transfer done after 11:00 am will only be reflected in's account 2 days later ... similar to cheque clearing, so unless you email us a copy of your transaction slip, it will be considered as payment pending and we will not ship your item.

So, just to be safe, we encourage everyone to email us a copy of the transaction slip to

{ppssstt.... no point emailing to Valerie's gmail - just so you know she max-ed out !!!! the account eons ago and yes... now you know why there has been silence as its 'dead' - lol}
Thanks all! and Happy Shopping and Scrapping ...

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