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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shopping Tip 101: Cut-off Times

Dear Ladies,

As you know, that in order to keep prices low, does NOT have hired help, other than  the original team of mothers with brain injured children.

So in short, we are pretty much a volunteer and family business and as such we have certain limitations on time. This is because a majority of us hold full time jobs and juggle to care from our special needs kids. Therefore we hope and seek your co-operation to abide by these cut-off times:

Up to 8pm. In the event you dont get a reponse or cannot get through, please leave a text message.

We try to answer all queries within 24 hours.

STORE VISITS (visiting the Scrap.Abode)
Please check the blog (top panel and left hand side panel) for our Open Days monthly. 
If you would like to self collect your orders, please email/call 24 hours before hand for us to prepare them - thanks!

If you check out your online cart before 5pm, your order will be checked for availability on the same day itself. Expect to receive an invoice with full payment instructions by e-mail at about 9pm onwards.

If you send us your payment receipts to by 10pm, your order will  generally be packed for delivery first thing the next morning. Please send your receipts by e-mail for faster response. You will receive notice of shipment with full tracking details when we have processed your package for next day shipping.

For courier shipping, we ship daily on weekdays, Mondays to Fridays. Shipment of packages are done first thing in the morning - see following day delivery.

It has come to our attention a significant number of normal mail either gets delayed or gets missing. We are not responsible for normal mail and CANNOT track normal mail as there are no tracking numbers. Therefore we would strongly advise you against opting for normal mail.

Ladies, all of the above applies ... but rare exceptions may happen and we apologise in advance. Should this happen we appreciate if you could contact us either by email/sms/messenger.

Many thanks for your continuous support,

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